• Anti ragging committee is formed and functioning as per government regulations.
  • In the admission prospectus, the phone numbers of the key members of anti ragging committee are given.
  • During admission itself an affidavit is filled up and signed by applicant which contains actions to be taken against ragging all the legal procedures pertaining to that.
  • Students seeking admission to hostel shall have to submit an additional affidavit counter signed by their parents in the form prescribed annexure I and annexure II as per UGC regulations.
  • During the commencement of every academic session our anti ragging committee will meet and discuss about the measures to be taken to prevent ragging in the institution and steps to be taken to identify those indulging in ragging.
  • Posters depicting the provisions of penal law applicable to incidents of ragging and punishments there of are displayed on notice boards, hostels and at other main places where normally students gather.
  • During the first or second week of junior student’s arrival counselling program for both freshers and senior students is arranged through a professional counseller and also cultural programmes are arranged in order to mingle both junior and seniors.
  • Fresh students are lodged separately in the hostel with separate warden.
  • Anti ragging committee members are often visits the junior students hostel and secretly ensure whether they have any inconvenience with the senior students.
  • In our hostel round the clock vigil is there and also CCTV cameras are functioning.
  • Warden mobile phone number is made known to all the hostel inmates and the students are also allowed to use the warden’s mobile.

During entire first semester duration, the students are very carefully monitored