Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology
  • With an explosion of Information Technology through Satellite Communication and Space explorations, the communication is a vital factor for rapid and uniform growth of the nation, The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2008.
  • The Department is providing a classic technical education to the students and makes the students blossom into meritorious and self-disciplined engineers by hard work. The Department trains the needed manpower to establish and develop the Electronics and Telecommunication industries in India by offering a 3-year Diploma degree(Communication Systems) programmes.
  • Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of technological applications and experiments in the field of electronics, telecommunication, VLSI, digital signal processing, microwave, fiber optics, mobile and digital communication, etc. with the variety of circuit simulation and design software packages like Multisim, Ultiboard, Code Composer Studio, Matlab and Xilinx etc. to give them a strong edge in the multifunctional capabilities of tomorrow.
  • The faculty members are actively engaged in research in the field of Optical Electronics, Microwaves, Microelectronics, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, VLSI & wavelets.

Lab Facilities-Diploma in Information Technology

  • The Diplomo in information technology has DIT Centre with 50 Systems with internet facility of 10 Mbps used by all the departments of the college.
  • The excellent band of teaching stimulates the judicious blend of modern education with vigorous work schedule and indefatigable team spirit. The Engineering program is a challenging one, which provides solution by analyzing and solving the key issues of IT industry.

The following labs are available in information technology

  • Programming Lab: Students learn about programming Languages for software Application.
  • Operating System Lab:Learning to use both Windows,Linux,Unix Operating Systems
  • Database Management System Lab: Analysing and using SQL Queries to develop Database Application
  • Multimedia Lab: Students learn about Multimedia Technologies like Photoshop,Flash,Maya to create 2D and 3D Designing
  • Computer Hardware and Servicing: Students learn about the Hardwares of Computer and building the computer device with the needed peripherals.
  • System Administration Lab: Students will gain the practical knowledge on OS Installation,DHCP Configuartion ,etc.
  • Project Work Lab : The students deliver the final outcome 3 year Diploma course as real time Application either in Hardware or Software.

Staff Profile-Diploma in Information Technology


Opportunities-Diploma in Information Technology

information technology is the designing and testing of computer components. The activities of those in computer engineering careers engage in activities that advance technology and provide new concepts. The computer engineering diploma holders may enter the area of specialization.

  • Systems
  • Forensics
  • Processes
  • Computer Validation
  • Networking
  • Emergency Response
  • Game Systems
  • Education and Training
  • Technical Applications
  • Customer Service
  • Telecommunications

information technology can also find opportunities in research and academics. Potential areas of focus are communications, wireless networks, optics, and simulation technology.